Licas Registry

You can use this site to register a licas server and describe the services that you run on it. As there is no existing registry, I have created this site for that purpose. It is completely free and you are in charge of any information that you might add. Please use a strong password-strength Server Key, because the key allows you to update your details afterwards.

The licas system is peer-to-peer, without a centralised server and so you are also responsible for who you communicate with. There is no record of any communications, apart from what the clients involved might save.

If the system is used more often, then bugs in it can be fixed more quickly. In particular, the message-board app might be interesting. You could recieve news or information of a random nature that you might not expect to get. Don't forget to block anybody from loading services onto your server (GUI Admin panel).

I will not use the registry myself. I might try the message board service if it gets going. Otherwise, please try out your services.

Register Your Services

You need to firstly register a server. This requires a unique Server Key that will identify it personally against any other server. Any time you go to update your details, you need to use the same server key again. As well as that, you need to specify the HTTP address where your server is running and the server password. That defaults to 'anon'.

After registering your server, you open a services page from where you can describe the services that you intend to run, such as a message service, file sharing, or the message board service. Each service requires a service name and another password. Also, please include a description about the service or why you are running it.

If you wish to communicate with other users, then you can browse over the registered servers and try to connect with them.

Select Your Server
If this is a first-time registration, then you enter your details below. To update existing settings, enter your unique server key and click 'Retrieve'.

Server Key:

Update Your Server and Services
If you are updating your details, you server selection should be displayed here. If it is a first-time registration, then you need to enter your details manually. Select your country first. This can help somebody to locate a closer server.

A unique key is required for your server. This will be used to identify your server details only, it is not displayed publically. Then also enter the server HTTP address and the server password to continue with registering some services.


Server Key:

Server HTTP Address:

Server Password:

Your Name:

Your Email Address:

Browse Services
If you are looking to connect with a server, you click the button to search over registered servers and the services that they provide.